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OunatheGnomeMaster, Dec 6, 10 12:20 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Welcome to Dalaran Trailblazers Official Website!
Were glad you could join us as we venture into the unknown, and as we explore a new World of Warcraft together!

About Us
Dalaran Trailblazers was founded by Ouna and Inuwindow. Outside of the game we are a husband and wife team who have been playing drama free since the original release of WoW. Were experienced in many different aspects of the game and have a great deal of raiding background throughout the game.

After being amongst many raiding and non-raiding guild environments we have decided the game is simply more fun to play as a game than as a job! So with those intentions in mind we set out to start our own guild to help others and to make friends. Today our guild is everything we could hope it would be starting out we are simple people seeking a simply fun time.

Now with Cataclysm release it will be easier than ever for people to re-adhere to this type of leveling game style as the new content embraces leveling much more than end game content. Using this to our advantage we hope to grow and help people get on the right track reguardless of what there aspirations for end game might be.

What is a Dalaran Trailblazer?
During the release of Wrath of the Lich King alot of us have grown accustom to the beautiful sites in the mage city Dalaran. To an extent in which we are completely bored with it in some cases! Inuwindow and Ouna had started a traditon of attempting to make large trains of people walking around Dalaran while mounted spamming the /train emote to get others involved. This was often done to curb the bordom of waiting for dungeon queues.

Once we had become even bored with that, we decided there were better ways to spend our time. So our Guild was born and we dedicated our play time to leveling alts and happily helping others "blaze trails" to level 80 as well.

Our Mission Statement
As a couple we grew sick and tired of guilds that don't help or speak to one another. Whats the point of having a guild if you get to top level and still have no idea what your doing? This has become a terrible epidemic throughout the game due to how easily blizzard has made it to level in the game. Our job is to ensure that our guildmates questions are answered promptly and correctly, and to give them the tools they need to be a successful player and help them to do whatever it is the aspire to do with there character whether it be just to perfect a certain talent tree, to learn how to heal in a dungeon, to learn the ins and outs of PvP, or even to ultimately leave us to do end game raiding. We want a name other guilds can trust, and know that people from our guild are knowledgable and fun people.
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We are actively recruiting all levels and classes and will continue to do so always!
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